Portrait Drawing

Portrait Drawing


In this six week course, we will study and draw the portrait from the live model. Based on a traditional academic approach, students will start with a “block-in” or linear drawing with the goal of achieving a good likeness through accurate observation. During this stage emphasis will be given to using correct proportions, studying the planes of the face, finding unique shapes and analysis of anatomical structure.

Students will learn to render the form while considering the light source to create a three-dimensional quality to their drawing. Through demos and individual critiques students will develop strong drawing fundamentals that will help them achieve their individual goals. All levels are welcome. During the six week course we will have variety of models having one or two sessions with each model.

Weeks 1-3: For the first three weeks students will be encouraged to use graphite on paper. Starting with the fundamentals, we will work on developing a linear drawing of the portrait. Working on what is called the “block-in”, we will emphasis getting the correct proportions, finding shapes using positive and negative space and using structural and anatomical points effectively to create a likeness to the model. Students will learn to then render form according to the light source. Understanding how the light affects the form and the use of shadow, halftone and light will be explained.

Weeks 4-6: Following the same process as above students will have the option to use charcoal and white chalk on toned paper.

630pm - 930pm

Fee: $275 + Model fee: $75 = ($350 total)

Location: 29 McWilliams Place, DTJC (corner of 9th street and McWilliams) Northeast side of Hamilton Park

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