Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting


Over the course of six sessions, students will explore strategies for creating compelling abstract works of art. Students will develop greater facility and confidence with the acrylic painting materials, increase their knowledge of historical approaches to abstract art, and develop and refine their own individual approach to art making.

The practice of maintaining a sketchbook will serve as a key tool to develop visual ideas, to record and to explore the students creative process. The ideas generated from the sketchbook will serve as the foundation for larger, more ambitious work. Students will be exposed to a variety of approaches applying abstract techniques and sensibilities to the classic art of painting. Basic materials are provided, however students are encouraged to explore and use any variety of materials that best suit their individual vision. Fostering exploration, creativity, unique expression and avoiding judgements are the primary objectives of the class.

Topics of instruction include: color theory, composition, depth, movement, abstraction from life, and paint application and materials. All levels welcome.

Please bring a sketchbook to the first class.

Session 1 - Introduction Lecture concentrated on an overview of principles of abstraction, history, artists, theory and strategies for developing painting ideas with a sketchbook.

Session 2 Lecture/demonstration concentrated on drawing, elements of design and monochromatic composition. Application of principles during a guided studio session in the sketchbook.

Session 3 Lecture concentrated on color theory and the elements of design. Application and practice of priciples during guided studio session.

Session 4 Introduction/demonstration with acrylic paint, tools and materials. Application and practice of principles during guided studio session.

Session 5 Objective - Using sketches as a reference, develope and implement a strategy for executing a single or series of resolved works.

Session 6 - Conclusion Objective - To reflect on the efforts by the student of the work created during the class with the ultimate purpose of developing new strategies for creating future works and providing suggestions or comments regarding the structure, conduct and personal experiences of the class.

Instructor: Philip Hardy

6 Sundays 9 AM - 12 PM

Sept 22nd- Oct 27th

Fee: $300 + 50 materials = $350

Location: 29 McWilliams Place, DTJC (corner of 9th street and McWilliams) Northeast side of Hamilton Park

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