Workshops - Digital Photography Course - Learning to use Your SLR

Students get hands-on experience in using all the settings and functions of their cameras by creating digital images under the guidance of the instructor. Topics include color space, white balance, the in-camera light meter, and the differences and advantages of shooting in each file format: (RAW, JPEG, and TIFF). While this course will help students familiarize themselves with the technical aspects of their digital cameras, the main focus of the course is to help students learn how to tell a story through pictures. Good composition is the hallmark of any outstanding photograph. You'll learn the rules of good composition, the Rule of Thirds, background and the S Rule. You will also get an opportunity to discuss the images you create during the course of the workshop with the instructor and students.

Instructor: Adrien De Martini


1 -Sat. and Sun - April 30th - May 1st - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fee: $110

Fee: $75 for one day (Saturday)

Location: 29 McWilliams Place, DTJC (corner of 9th street and McWilliams) Northeast side of Hamilton Park

*by enrolling you accept Jersey City Art School's Education Policy